Flamingo Hotel Mini Skirt

This summer I’ve been obsessed with flamingos and was soooo excited when I found this Nicole Miller stretch chiffon fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. The flamingo print drew me in, but the texture and feel of it sealed the deal. It’s super soft and smooth, has a little bit of give, and is easy to work with. It didn’t slip and slide like a regular chiffon would.

My favorite flamingo is the one toward the middle center wearing a leopard print bikini with a tattoo. But every time I look at it find something else that makes me smile…like the one eating a sundae 🙂

My original plan was to make a collared shirt dress using McCall’s pattern M6891, but I didn’t think the fabric was sturdy enough to hold the collar. I ended up making a tie halter dress (post coming soon!) and this skirt. The dress and skirt are much less structured and flowy, which works well will the fabric.


I followed the tutorial from This Big Oak Tree to make a High-Waisted Sash Skirt, but made a few changes during the construction, added a lining (since that fabric is somewhat transparent), and didn’t include the sash.

Instead of sewing the back seam before installing the zipper, I found it easier to install the zipper one side at a time, then pinch the seams together at the end of the zipper. I then sewed from that point (the bottom edge of the zipper) down to the hem. I think it gives a cleaner finish and is much easier than trying to fight the bottom stop and slider.

I also used an invisible zipper but a regular zipper foot. I’ve figured out that you have to get really close to the zipper teeth if you do it this way in order to keep it “invisible.” A great video tutorial on this can be found here.


Overall finished product is one of may favorite new skirts! It’s pictured with a black top here, but there’s so many colors in the print I’ll be able to put togehter a number of different cute summer outfits.


Fabric: Nicole Miller Stretch Chiffon Fabric – Flamingo Hotel & white lining fabric (about 1 yard each) | JoAnn Fabrics
Notations: 6-10″ invisible  zipper
Pattern: High-Waisted Sash Skirt from the Big Oak Tree
Length to Complete: 1-2 hours


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