Flamingo Dress

I’m a huge fan of this Nicole Miller stretch crepe de chine flamingo print. The original intent was to use McCall’s 6891, but after I thought about it more came to the conclusion that the fabric was too light and flowy for such a structured dress pattern.

This dress went through a renovation process. After deciding against the shirtdress, I went for a (what I hoped would be) a long flowing chiffon maxi dress.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.05.11 AM.jpg

The tutorial I used to make the maxi, I found here on YouTube. I tried to add some pleating to the neckline like in the inspiration picture, but I ended up not including the seam allowances in my measurements and sewed right over the beautiful pleated I’d created.

I lined the dress with a plain white lining, since the flamingo print fabric was too sheer to wear on its own. However, this is what lead to the downfall of the maxi dress. The lining added too much weight to the bottom of the dress and it didn’t have the airy feeling I was hoping for.  I contemplated removing some of the lining or cutting a slit into it, but realized maxi dresses just aren’t my thing.


So the short flamingo dress was born. The shorter length feels way more “me.” Plus I used the extra material that I cut off for the Flamingo Hotel Mini Skirt!

My favorite part of this dress (other than the fabric) is the back closure – I love the keyhole with the ties.




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  1. Infoélla says:

    This dress is gorgeous, I love it!!!


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