img_8801Being under 5 feet, learning to tailor my clothes has become a necessity. Rarely does something I buy ever fit right – almost everything at least needs hemmed! I ventured into sewing my own clothes because I’d see things in store that I’d like, but were expensive and didn’t fit properly. I started slowly, first hemming some dress, then pants, then taking things in here and there, then eventually making my own clothes from start to finish. Creating them myself allows me to get the perfect fit at a fraction of the cost.

I learned the basics from my grandma. During summer breaks, we’d work on “projects” in her basement. She was an avid quilter and by learning to sew I feel like I’m keeping a tradition alive. Some of the other sewing skills I’ve picked up from reading other sewing blogs online, youtube videos, but mostly through trial and error.

Sewing has become my outlet for relaxation, creativity and endless possibility. This blog is a place to record my projects and what I’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy sharing in my adventures!