Buckeye Flannel | McCall’s 6436

About a year ago, my brother and I found this Brutus flannel and I made him a button up shirt using Simplicity 1544. Ever since then I’ve wanted one too, but couldn’t find the fabric. Finally, I recently stumbled on it on Fabric.com and made myself a matching flannel.

Fortunately I was able to finish it in time to watch the Buckeyes play Michgian in November, but unfortunately it didn’t bring them any luck when I wore it to watch them play on New Year’s Eve.


I used McCall’s 6436, the same one I did for my gray gingham shirt, but made some adjustments. I moved/ re-shaped the darts and shortened the length based on a flannel shirt that already owned and liked the way it fit. I also changed the spacing for the the buttons. Next time I use this pattern, I plan on narrowing the width of the collar and shortening the length to make it a little smaller.


One of my new favorite flannels and perfect for those chilly fall game days. Go bucks!


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