Alteration: Floral Print Dress

One of may favorite stores in the Columbus area is Discount Fashion Warehouse. This hidden gem is literally what is sounds like – name brand clothes (mostly L Brands, since it is based out of Columbus) at a deep discount, usually 70-80% off. Shopping there is like a treasure hunt because you never know what you’re going to find, but you have to be willing to search a little. A lot of the clothes are from a past season or may have some kind of damage. This is no problem though if you’re handy with a needle and thread, most things are an easy fix!

The dress pictured below I found this past May and was only $12.  I liked the print of the fabric but wasn’t crazy about the flounce sleeves. Even though the dress was already sized as a petite and it fit well for the most part, the waist was a little low and wasn’t very flattering around the belly button area.  It was also a tad too long.

Dress  – The Limited, Size 2 Petite

This was the first major alteration project I’d taken on. I could do basic hems, but I’d never tried to alter the body of a dress before. This was a great dress to learn with because since it didn’t cause much, I wasn’t super concerned about messing something up.

Here’s what I did for the alterations:

  • Removed flounce sleeves
  • Took 1.5″ off length of sleeve and finished with a 1/4″ narrow hem
  • Shortened bottom of bodice by 1″ and top of skirt by 1″

After these alterations, I’m much happier with the way this dress looks. Adjusting the waist also helped take care of the length issue. Thinking this will be good for working and maybe late summer weddings?

Next time I’ll have more pictures with the steps along the way!







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