Nintendo Shirt | Simplicity 1544 | Part 1

My brother is one of the coolest people I know. And he has a great sense of style. Last fall I made him two bottom down shirts using Simplicity 1544 and since then he has requested a few more. The first of a two part series, is this button down shirt using “Nintendo” fabric that we found at JoAnn Fabrics.

This fabric is so fun. It’s colorful and has all the important characters represented. As for the pattern, its one of may favorites to make. I’ve made it a total of three times so far, and each time it gets easier, especially for a short sleeve shirt.

Because he’s busy with school and work, we weren’t able to get many pictures modeling, but check out the finished product!


Next week, I’ll be posting about the other shirt I made using the same pattern and “Fancy Cat” fabric. 🙂

Pattern: Simplicity 1544
Fabric: “Nintendo” Cotton
Turned long sleeve into short sleeve



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