Gray Gingham Button Down | McCall’s M6436

Fall is in the air! The nights are cooler, the cider is flowing, and football season is in full swing. This past weekend I checked a few things off my fall bucket list – got pumpkins and straw bales to decorate the porch, drank a pumpkin spice latte, and broke out this gingham button down. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for clothes – hello sweaters, boots, and flannel. This shirt is made of cotton gingham, but I plan on using this making some flannels.

I got this pattern after making my light blue gingham button down that didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted. I like the looser fit and more modern style of this pattern, plus I thought making it was a little bit easier.




French seams. I’m obsessed.

Pattern: McCall’s M6436
Fabric: Gray Gingham Cotton from
• Narrowed back 1″
• Took 2″ off the top of sleeve
• 3″ + on length
• Narrowed cuff 1″
• Shortened sleeve 2″
• Narrowed sleeve 1″
• Shortened bodice 2″
• Narrowed shoulder (front and back) 1/2″
• Moved back darts up 2″



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  1. Ah! French seams. Nicely done, inside and out!


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