Black Lace Top | Butterick B6100

One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could document my sewing projects while also tracking what I’ve learned along the way. Well, lesson learned: don’t use your iron at the highest setting on a stretchy lace fabric.

I accidentally melted some of the lace fabric while making this top…in the very front…along the neck line…with no extra fabric to work with. Thankfully when I started to see smoke I realized what was happening in time and was able to stitch together the parts that melted. You can’t even tell!img_8761


More lessons learned from making this besides don’t melt the fabric? Underlining & french seams (Underlining: Fabric joined in garment seams to give inner shape and support | French Seams: a seam with the raw edges enclosed) In this case, I used the underlining because the lace was sheer. And now that I’ve tried french seams, I’m always going to use them. I love the polished finish it gives to the inside.


I also used this pattern to make my Flamingo Vacay Shirt – one pattern can make so many different looks!

Pattern: Butterick B6100
Fabric: Three different remnant pieces I found at JoAnn Fabrics – stretchy black lace, strechy black in the back, and satiny black in the front
• Took 1/2 in”  (1 ” total) from width of front bodice and back bodice
• Shortened length 2-3″
• Narrowed shoulder 1/2 ” on front and back bodice



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  1. Oh that’s so cute! I was just talking about lace tops over on my blog – this one matches perfect one of the designer originals I was talking about. If I remember – it’s getting to be a big list – I’d like to use it for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, if I may?


  2. Sure thing! I’m looking forward to participating in this years Designin December 🙂


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