Vintage From Start to Finish| Simplicity 1364

My grandma’s old sewing machine, fabric that was given to me by my aunt that we found in her basement, and Simplicity 1364 (Misses’ Vintage Jiffy Blouses and Tie Belt) were all involved in the making of this top. Vintage start to finish –  from tools to material to pattern.


I love this fabric for two reasons. One for the uniqueness of the fabric, and two because of how soft and light it is. The combination of the pattern and fabric have also made it very versatile. I’ve worn it year round for a variety of different occasions, dressing it up with a skirt or jacket or dressing it down with some shorts.


This top was one of the first shirts I tried to sew. Making it was much-needed in the early learning process, because of the introduction into how to adjust a pattern for fit and construction of a top. I also learned about reinforcing arm seams the hard way after a unfortnate episode of a detached sleeve while I was at work. I joked that I had been “pumping too much iron.” Oh geez. Thankfully it was an easy fix!


The sash belt is another favorite piece about this top. The pattern has options to make it without it, but I like the shape and fit with the belt. Also the bow!

Pattern: Simplicity 1364 | Misses’ Vintage Jiffy Blouses and Tie Belt
Fabric: Lightweight cotton
• Narrowed sleeve
• Narrowed neckline
• Shorted hem, bodice at waist (front and back), sleeves




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