Sleeveless Shirtdress with Sash | McCall’s M6891

This shirt dress is one of my favorite projects to date, but it was also one of the most challenging. One of my sewing goals is to learn how to get a perfect. Otherwise I spend a lot of time making something that doesn’t look good and I’ll never wear. I made a lot of adjustments to the pattern to try to achieve this and I’m in love with the final product!


This inspiration for this project came from a dress I saw while browsing through a local clothing store. It looked cool and casual, but also cost around $80 and didn’t fit well. I couldn’t justify spending that much on a dress I knew I could make myself. Between purchasing a pattern, fabric for the dress and lining, buttons, and thread, I spent less than $30.


I don’t understand how to put together the collar with facings of this dress. It took a lot of working and reworking to get it figured out. I was able to somehow “make it work” (mostly) for this dress, even though it’s not the sharpest or neatest.


It’s difficult to find clothes that fit the proportions of my chest to hip and narrow shoulders. What I love about this dress is the fit. The pattern drafting and instructions were extremely helpful and included tips throughout to getting a good fit. The lining is another favorite part of this dress. Adding a lining takes a little but more time to do,  because you have to cut the pattern and sew parts of it together twice, but the clean finish and feel of the lining is worth it.




Pattern: McCall’s M6891
Fabric: Light Gray Suiting Fabric
Notations: 10-12 buttons
• Narrowed shoulders 1/2″ on front and back of bodice
• Shortened bodice 3/4″ on front and back
• Shortened hem by 1.5 – 2″
• Didn’t include pockets
• Added lining
• Made buttons closer together
• Adjusted position of darts


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