Pleated Wrap Dress | Butterick B6154

I wanted to make a wrap dress after I bought a long sleeved black Calvin Klein wrap from TJ Max. Every time I’ve worn it, I’ve received a compliment on it. I love the way it looks and fits and how easy it is to wear. I found Butterick See & Sew B6154 for a pleated wrap dress at  JoAnn Fabrics for only $2, so I thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t exactly match the look I was going for, but it was cheap and didn’t seem that hard to make.


For the most part the pattern is easy to follow. I did run into some confusion attaching the neck facing, so I just made that part up as I went.  This pattern also needed a lot of modifications to fit correctly. The second time I made this, the process went much faster, after all the fit issues had been resolved.

It also requires a very specific fabric, so that narrows the flexibility on what you can make with it. I tried light-, medium-, and heavy-weight jersey knit fabrics as I made different versions of this pattern, and the heavy weight was by far the best to use. It held the shape of the dress and can take wear much better.


Pattern: Butterick See & Sew B6154
Blue DressKaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit | Some kind of floral printed stretch fabric I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn Fabrics
Green DressJersey Knit Floral Shadow Print Green/Cream
Time to Complete: 4-5 hours
• Evened out length – after “wrapping” the dress the hem looked askew, so I cut the left side so that it was even with the right. This happened both times I made it, so it was probably the pattern and not just the fabric
• Shortened front and back bodice by 1/2″
• Shortened v-neck to stop gaping and so that it wasn’t so low
• Made the ties long


Overall its a fine, relatively easy pattern to make – it’s comfortable and I’ve made it twice. However this isn’t the exact look I was going for, so next time I’m going to try Butterick B6128 for a wrap dress.


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